An Educated Boater is a Safer Boater!

Boat Handling – Details

Boat Handling is a full course offered by the United States Power Squadrons.  The course is comprised of six seminars:

  • Rules of the Road:  A Practical Approach
  • Confidence in Docking and  Undocking: Slow-Speed Maneuvering
  • Boating with Confidence:  Handling Your Boat Under Way
  • Anchoring with Assurance:  Don’t Get Carried Away
  • Emergencies on Board:  Preparation for Handling Common Problems
  • Knots and Line Handling:  Knots You Need to Know

The full-course Student Manual has six chapters that align with the text of the individual seminar Student Guides.  For the Rules of the Road section of the course and the Rules of the Road seminar, student materials have been expanded to provide full coverage of the essential, tested content.  All students will need a copy of the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook, which is the official reference for the course/seminar.  The book can be ordered from your favorite bookstore. 

Students who complete the Boat Handling course and pass the exam will receive credit for the Boat Handling course and earn the Seaman grade. They will also receive seminar credit for each of the class sessions attended.

Dates & Cost:

  • 2024 dates pending (minimum 4 students required)
  • Series of 6 seminars over several weeks
  • Seminars are scheduled 1 or 2 per week
  • Seminars average 2-3 hours each depending on the topic
  • Course w/ Manual – $98 for USPS members
  • Pre-requisite:  Successful completion of the ABC3 boating safety course.

For more information about the course, please contact our Squadron Education Officer Paul Bendeck at:  [email protected]