An Educated Boater is a Safer Boater!

Weather Course – Details

Climate Change? Hurricanes? Extreme Wind? Dark Clouds?

The safety and comfort of those who venture out-on-the water have always been weather dependent. In this course students will become keener observers of the weather.  However, these observations only have meaning in the context of the basic principles of meteorology — the science of the atmosphere.

This course covers the dramatic technological advances that have changed the ways weather forecasts are produced and disseminated. The course is unique because it not only deals with modern weather forecasting – what are the different types of forecasts, when to use them, and how to get and interpret them.  It also deals with the fundamental atmospheric dynamics underlying the weather events being forecast.

The course focuses on how weather systems form, behave, move, and interact with one another and reflects the availability of all sorts of weather reports and forecasts on the Internet. This is a general weather course benefiting those sitting in their living rooms, as much as those standing behind the helm.

Dates & Cost:

  • 2024 dates pending (minimum 4 students required)
  • Twice a week for 4 weeks with exam in week 4 
  • Sessions average 2 hours each
  • Weather Course w/ Manual – $98 for USPS members
  • Weather Course no Manual – $43 for USPS members, for family members sharing a manual
  • Weather Course w/ Manual – $198 for non-members

For more information about the course, please contact our Squadron Education Officer Paul Bendeck at:  [email protected]